Four top-notch K-POP acts to come back to music scene in May
Four top-notch K-POP acts to come back to music scene in May
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Joan Park] Three male K-POP acts are gearing up for comeback in May. 

ASTRO's releasing a seventh EP 'GATEWAY' on May 4. With this EP, ASTRO will come back to sextet in sixteen months. As Moonbin took hiatus due to health reason from the team last November, ASTRO have participated in promotional activities as a quintet for 'One & Only' released last February. 

NU'EST and MONSTA X release new albums on the same day, May 11. NU'EST announced their comeback with a series of complex trailer films for the 8th EP 'The Nocturne' on the 20th.

The first member to be featured in the trailer was leader JR. Other members' clips will be revealed later.

MONSTA X's new EP released on May 11 titled 'FANTASIA X' is a new musical piece the group is releasing in six months. The group conquered North America with their first all-English studio album 'ALL ABOUT LUV' earlier this year, peaking at No.5 on Billboard Hot 200 chart. They've also performed in 'MTV Unplugged live at Home' as the only K-POP act. 

DAY6, a boy band under JYP Entertainment will drop a new single on the same day. 

Other artists releasing new albums or singles include Chungha and UNVS. Their comeback dates haven't been announced yet.

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